By Forager Admin 10:22 PM  |  13.04.20

10 types of events that are better online than in-person

Events are exciting. People love them. Whether it’s a fundraiser, a social get-together, an informative product launch, or a seminar, people love to attend them. 
What may come as a surprise is that some events are better held online, versus in-person. Which is good, considering our current global state and the recommendations to stay home and social distance (unless one happens to work an essential job, we salute you if you are! 👏). 

So, just because these days you are working from a home desk doesn’t mean that you still can’t host an event. Just make plans to have it online. 

To get you started, here are 10 types of events that are better to host online than in person

Something educational. Educational resources are always an excellent choice. Consider holding a workshop or class and teaching people something. 
Raise awareness. Do you have a cause that you are passionate about? Consider holding an event and raising awareness for it. Check to see if you can find like-minded people to either sponsor the event or participate in it with you 
A networking session. Social distancing and working from home can be isolating. Now is a great time to consider bringing people together to share ideas, meet, and develop business relationships and a networking session is a great way to do that. 
Online coaching. Do you have something to share with others? Are you great at offering advice and encouragement? Consider coaching. It’s a great way to offer something to others and is very easy to do digitally. 
Q+A time. Time to answer some questions! Invite your audience to submit some questions and then host an event where you answer them (this can be either live or pre-recorded). This is a great way to talk more about your brand and business. 
Host a guest speaker. Invite someone that shares the same industry or audience as you to come and join you as a guest speaker. Either with you, or on their own, see if they are willing to share some of their experiences in whatever field they specialize in. 
Go live. Everyone is a fan of the candid side of life. Consider being more personable and going live for a short time to talk with your audience on a more transparent level. 
Demonstrate a product. New product launch? Consider making it into an event and demonstrate its uses and special features. 
Offer a VIP experience. People love exclusiveness. VIP events are great to involve company decision-makers and investors. It’s a way to give them a one-of-a-kind experience that only they have access to. 
A conference. A plain old event where you talk about a subject or a topic. However, this event is hosted online (which saves you the cost of a venue, parking, etc). If you have something to share with your audience consider expounding it and making it a conference. 
Any of these stand out to you? Then what are you waiting for! With a little planning and research you can take any of these events and with the help of technology take it digital. 

It’s time to begin preparing for your next event and watch it be a success!