By Forager Admin 10:22 PM  |  02.04.20

14 Ways Forage Brings You Qualified Prospects...and How To Convert Them With Zero Cold Calling

Any expert will tell you that a key component of any successful marketing campaign is networking. Whether attending a vendor conference or an industry luncheon, the networking process affords you a jumping off point with interested and enthusiastic parties and the opportunity to warm them up. And warm leads differ vastly from those ice cold ones you may purchase from a third party, who have no point of reference for you or your services. 

While networking is important, it’s not enough to simply attend as many events as possible. If you stretch yourself too thin - especially when building a business - you don’t give yourself the time to focus on your overall strategy of outreach and conversion. A lead is just a lead until the sale is closed, after all. Enter Forage, a two-sided marketplace where companies hire freelancers to attend events and generate qualified leads. Forage lets you focus on your business while our expert Foragers attend important events and acquire well-qualified prospects for your team. 

Why Forage?

1.    Face-to-Face the Right Way

There’s no question that even with the prevalence of digital marketing media and online retail, there’s no substitute for face-to-face interactions. But there’s a big difference between face-to-face during a surprise cold sales visit and face-to-face after a potential client has had a chance to meet your Forager proxy and show interest in your company. 

2.    Time Is On Your Side

As important as networking is, as a business owner your time is precious. Networking events can take hours, even more if you include travel to and from. While the leads are essential, outsourcing them to experienced Foragers saves you time and energy better served to the crucial next steps in your pipeline. 

3.    No Cold Calling

While cold-calling is still a large part of marketing efforts for many successful businesses, there are countless factors that impede their success. Forager ensures you won’t need to rely on cold calling because we provide you with only pre-vetted, interested, warm leads. Warm outreach means a higher conversion rate every time.

4.    Professionalism Every Time

Our Foragers are experienced, professional sales reps with a knack for elevator pitches and a passion for sales. You can rest assured that your business is in good hands and that your message will get across to the best person in the room. 
5.    Cut Down On Emails

Emails have their place in any business communication, but when it comes to marketing, cold emails can pile up and leave a bad taste in the mouth of prospective clients. With warmer clients, it takes fewer emails to get a response and meeting. 

6.    Be Everywhere At Once

In big, overarching industries such as education or healthcare, conferences and trade shows are always happening, but not always in your city, state, or on a timeline that works for you. Travel costs and time away add up quickly, which is why having a local Forager is so important.

7.    Personalization

Marketing pros will tell you time and again that the biggest difference between a deleted sales email and an opened one is personalization. Boilerplate terminology and 5 emails with the same subject line go straight to the trash, but knowing about the needs of your recipient is paramount. Forager can get your foot in the door by giving you vital information about your leads in order to set you up for successful communication.

I’ve Got My Leads! Now What?

8.    Create a Hierarchy

No two leads are created equal. As such, no two leads require the same outreach. Getting personalized information from Forager allows you to assess more details about prospective clients’ needs to tailor your targeted marketing. Creating a hierarchy of timing and strategies - who to reach out to this week, next week, the following week, who to target more or less aggressively, who to set up face-to-face meetings with versus webinars - will give you a clearer picture moving forward.

9.    Stay Organized

Most prospective clients won’t respond immediately; they need a few well-timed contacts, whether calls or emails, before opening communication. For this reason it’s imperative to stay organized to ensure that your outreach is tactical: varied, timed perfectly, personalized, and never repetitive or too sales-y. Whether you’re tracking your correspondence manually or utilizing a CRM, stay on top of it.

10.    Give and Take

You want something from these leads - a sale - and they know it. But in order to make that sale, they have to want something from you to. That should be the focus of your marketing - the more specific to their needs, the better - not just what your business does, but what it can do for them and them only.

11.    Don’t Be Afraid to Get Creative

In this day and age, the business landscape changes so quickly it’s hard to know if what you’re doing is outdated or tried and true, old-fashioned or classic. If you’ve traditionally utilized more safe forms of marketing - direct mail, brochures, cold calling - don’t be afraid to branch out. Being creative doesn’t always have to mean fun or quirky, although you’d be surprised how far a few emojis can go, but it should showcase your personality.

12.    You’re the Consultant

When you’re working to set up a meeting with a client, keep it focused on what you can do for them by framing the conversation from the point of view as a consultant, not a salesperson. This means asking them the questions to lead them to the solution: your product or service. 

13.    Social Media is Your Friend

Increasingly, traditional communication methods are being overtaken by outreach on platforms such as LinkedIN, Twitter, and Facebook. While some businesses shy away from social media for the fear of being overly personal, these platforms can be a great boon to your company when utilized correctly. Maintain a professional presence and use for casual communication as well as sharing your expertise to build the trust of followers and potential clients.

14.    Let Your Product Shine
Ultimately, closing a sale is going to come down to your product, no matter how good your marketing campaign or sales pitch, it will be your product or service that finishes the deal. Consider that for your marketing strategy and cut it down to the bare essentials that let your business shine through.