By Forager Admin 10:20 PM  |  02.04.20

Forage: A New Way to Generate Qualified B2B Leads

In this ever-changing world, B2B sales methods evolve. One fact stays constant: Every company needs qualified leads to start the sales process. Digital marketing has changed the game in the consumer marketing world, but for B2B lead generation, on its own, it’s not enough. Personal contact makes a significant difference in securing a lead. An executive must think: What’s the best way to connect with many buyers and influencers and to initiate a trusting relationship? 

Every profession and industry has professional groups that hold conferences and conventions. Large scale events are held around the world every day. Industry buyers and representatives attend them in droves, hoping to learn information, gather industry updates, see new products, and network. The attendees may be in various stages of knowledge of your products and company, from no awareness to some awareness to considerable knowledge. If you have a lot of time, money and salespeople, attendance and networking at these events can generate multiple warm leads. 

Most companies don’t have a large enough salesforce to attend events that occur on many dates and in various cities. How do you bypass this obstacle? A new method of generating qualified leads completes the task for your organization: Using Forage to hire freelance salespeople that attend events and generate qualified leads.

How Forage Works

Forage has created a two-sided marketplace, similar to other freelancer/client websites. Freelancers apply to the site. Forage vets the applicants’ qualifications for acceptance into the program. Accepted freelancers work as on-demand sales representatives that can learn your sales pitch quickly, reinforcing credibility.

Companies that need warm leads lie on the other side of the marketplace. You sign up on the Forage website. The site enables you to create an account that includes specific traits you want in a Forager. The applicants have indicated the traits they want in an offer. Once you identify an event from our list, Forage matches with a freelancer, or, as we call them, Forager. You send an offer, deposit an escrow price you’ve chosen, and the Forager plans to attend the event.

At the conference, convention, or event agreed on, the Forager networks to find potential leads. The Forager delivers your pitch to the appropriate targets and secures contact information. Next, the Forager sends each qualified lead’s LinkedIn profile with your company for approval. When a lead is approved, the Forager conducts and email introduction of the lead to the company. You pay the Forager for every lead that results in a call or a meeting. The lead generation loop is complete, and the company receives qualified leads that couldn’t have been reached in a cost-effective or timely way without the process. Most likely, many of the leads, and the opportunity they bring, would be lost.

Why Forage Works

You may think that B2B purchasers, influencers, and buyers today rely mainly on technology and digital marketing to find suppliers. Nearly three-quarters of today’s buyers come from the millennial age group that values trusted relationships and authenticity. They can’t meet their needs from a website. Don’t make the mistake of depending solely on technology to make a first impression. Foragers provide a personal interaction from an experienced salesperson to your potential customer, establishing rapport that can lead to the formation of a successful client relationship. When the Forager connects the individual lead to your company, the personal touch knocks down the barriers that either lack of awareness or technology has erected. From there, your in-house staff can nurture the relationship and convert it into sales and customer loyalty.

Why struggle with the lack of good sales resources to find qualified leads? Forage for them, instead. Contact Forage at and visit our website at