By Forager Admin 10:20 PM  |  02.04.20

Need more sales people, but don’t have the budget for it? Meet Forage, we attend events for you.

So, you finally have some money to put behind that million-dollar idea you’ve been thinking about for so long. It’s early and your company is in its infancy. As an early-stage founder, you want to use the precious resources available to you in the most strategic way possible. But you will never get sales unless you hire a couple of sales people, right?
An article by Peter Helmer from said it best: you don’t need more salespeople, you need more PRODUCTIVE salespeople.
Rachel Clapp Miller writes in her article, featured on, about the example of a business owner trying to stop the financial bleeding of their new company by hiring more sales staff to, in theory, generate more sales. Clapp Miller reminds us that hiring a sales staff is a long-term solution, not one to be used as a Hail Mary or too early.
For example: say you have $100,000 at this point. You’re pre-seed round and eager to finally get your business off the ground and running. Some of that money may go to product or shipping or maintaining a website. What little you have left, you can invest back in the business or hire a salesperson. You want more revenue so you choose to  hire the salesperson, which costs a certain salary or hourly wage. But to keep up with the financial demands of that employee, you need more revenue. That means that you have to either go knock on doors yourself or hire yet another salesperson with yet another salary or hourly wage. And so the cycle continues, burning through your money faster than it comes in.
Enough of the waste. Hire Foragers instead.
Forage is a two-sided marketplace where companies hire freelancers to attend industry events and generate qualified leads for them. Instead of spending a sizable chunk of your precious early resources on a full-time sales staff, you can hire a Forager as needed for key events.  By using Forage in place of a full-time sales staff, you eliminate the waste of paying someone for non-sales time and still get the benefit of generating leads at events all over the country.
According to Four Quadrant, LLC, as quoted by, “the cost of a salesperson can be $380,000 a year” after you add up recruiting, training and managing them. And to hire a Forager? The price you are willing to pay for attendance, including the event ticket and additional expenses, and a fee per qualified lead. Suppose there is an industry event several states away. If you relied on a sales staff, you may have to foot the bill for travel, food, lodging, and their time. With a Forager, you pay an agreed-upon fee and can hire a local Forager to cut down on the expenses.
You might be wondering how you can be sure one of our Foragers will actually be that productive salesperson you need. By following our model, our freelancing Foragers are incentivized to generate leads for you so they can earn more. This mutually beneficial relationship ensures that both you and the Forager receive the most return on investment at each event.
Forage knows the struggle of starting and growing a business. You worked hard for this first bit of money and you shouldn’t waste it. Finding the ways to cut down your expenses and stretch your dollars will help you grow more in the long run. We are here to help you achieve that goal, one event at a time.