By Forager Admin 10:17 PM  |  13.04.20

Online Events in the Age of Corona

Our world has been turned upside down over the last few weeks. From having our travel plans cancelled, or having our yearly conference and networking events postponed, to not being allowed to walk into work, we’re all learning how to adapt to this global pandemic. 

We’re fortunate that we get to live in a society where a lot of us can stay connected to our colleagues through our laptop and can continue to work from afar. But what about our in person networking opportunities and conferences? Well, people are finding ways to keep that going too; dedicated online events. 

Online events have taken center stage in today’s modern culture. They provide a golden opportunity for businesses, entrepreneurs, and networkers, to stay connected and foster business connections from afar. Better yet, these online events allow businesses to reach more people at once, from locations all over the world, than would have ever been possible.

Online events are the way of the future; they are a stepping stone towards a global, digital business community. They allow networkers to utilize available tools in order to truly reach the people that they are looking for. 

A great way to keep business going

While we’re all cooped up indoors, looking out our windows for life to return to normalcy, we strive for connection and to keep our lives going as much as we can. As such, a great way to keep networking, talking with people and doing business, online events allow you to take your objectives from attending or hosting in person events and bring them online.

Rather than just waiting a few days, weeks or months until life goes back to normal and put life and everyone's business objectives on hold, online events allow you to continue trying and completing those.  

The cost of an online event is far less than in person. 

Just think about it. You don’t have to rent a location, you don’t have to hire staff, you don’t have to print tickets, you don’t have to decorate. All you have to do is create an environment online that allows your attendees to gain value and be able to network with new individuals. How does that work, you ask? Simple. We’ve built out exclusive technology that integrates with Zoom and allows you to easily take your in person event and transform it into an event that is built to function online. 

Oh and the cost associated with all this? Nothing. A basic zoom room and a banner. 

You can build lasting relationships with the right formats

In-person events are different from online events, naturally. I can’t just walk up to you and start a conversation. However, we’ve built out proprietary technology that helps you take your format and make it digital friendly. From having a 20 minute keynote (where your audience can derive value from) to switching up the cocktail and networking section, we’re here to help you take your event online. 

The best part? People are a lot more confident behind a keyboard and laptop and are more likely to engage with you through a digital event, studies have shown. This means you stand to get more opportunities than you would’ve before.
Oh and finally, the barrier of entry for people is much lower. Rather than commuting to and from the event venue, people can sit on their couches and pop in, bringing you a larger audience. 

We’ve spent countless hours testing different formats and getting users to attend events to ensure that online events are productive and conducive to doing business. We’re here to help you through the journey. At Forage, we’ve made our platform free for anyone to host events to help us all get through this tough time. Feel free to schedule a demo with us and we will walk you through everything you need to know.