By Forager Admin 10:18 PM  |  02.04.20

Overworked salespeople? Let us ease your bottleneck by finding the right events and sending our independent commission driven sales people, here’s how we do it

Every business needs salespeople who are on the ball; they’re excited, passionate, and sell with ease to every lead within their frame of vision. These people help provide business growth and success. 

Yet, when businesses depend solely on these sales people for their sales, there is typically an eventual plateau. Sales people sell their hearts out and then eventually they burn out. While their burnout may not last forever, these are passionate and successful salespeople after all, it does set back the growth of the business. Not only that, these sales people continue to feel overworked and often end up checking out. 

There is a way to allow your salespeople to slow down and ease up on their mad rush for more sales, while at the same time keeping the sales rolling. If that sounds too good to be true, well, it isn’t! Just read on…

Why you should use independent salespeople

Business has changed. The economy, marketing, and sales have all gone through massive transformations and progression. Even many regular 9-5 employees are heeding the transitions and looking for change in their workplace. 

Consumers have changed. They aren’t interested in those traditional, only-interested-in-your-money sales tactics anymore. In fact, they see right through them. 

Traditional business models, including the sales model, are being redesigned. Many people, from every industry, have the opportunity to work remotely, and some people, unwilling to be tied down, are choosing to work independently, as freelancers, instead of for a company. 

With these changes have come an evolution in sales. Many wonder, how in the world could these changes ever apply to sales? For them, sales seem fairly straight-forward. A salesperson works for a company and spends their days making phone calls, meeting with leads, and throwing out their best lines for encouraging conversion.

However, those traditional methods of sales can actually discourage people from buying. They also create a work mentality in the sales people that doesn’t allow them to slow down or take a breath. They feel that every missed moment, every missed phone call, every missed potential customer, is a missed sale. 

Therefore, they rush, and they push, and they strive, and they burn themselves out. That is why it is absolutely essential that each business learns how sales have changed and how they can support their salespeople by increasing their team with independent salespeople who generate leads by attending the right networking events.

●    Independent Salespeople

Freelancers. Contractors. Independent workers. They have different names, yet the concept is the same; these people are incredibly skilled in their trade and they hire themselves out for commission or an agreed upon price. 

While most people think of freelancers or contractors as writers, artists, or graphic designers, there can actually be freelancers or contractors in pretty much any industry. In sales, freelancers can be hired to attend relevant events in order to help you gain visibility, which in turn will generate leads that are passed on to your sales people. 

These leads have been properly nurtured by your contractor and are passed on, warm and ready for that last, gentle push towards conversion. This is where your passionate, motivated, and highly-successful salespeople take over. With warm leads ready to convert, there is next to no pushing and prying that needs to happen between the potential customer and your salesperson. 

These independent salespeople work on commission, so when they’re out there on the job, they are working to their utmost and giving it their all. These freelancers are highly skilled in networking and are able to take their gift and apply it at these events where virtually everyone is the target. 

Once they work their magic, they hand their leads over, letting your salespeople close the deal. They receive a commission and you experience success and business growth, all without overworking your incredibly valuable sales team. 

●    Networking Events

Your independent salespeople will head out to relevant networking events in order to reach the people you may have been unable to reach otherwise. From these events, they will have a number of ways to establish new leads for your business that your sales team will easily be able to convert. 

Networking events are great because they help to increase your business’ visibility. The other brands in your industry will become aware of your business, providing opportunities for sharing, relationships, and connections. 

Once your brand’s visibility has increased, your business is more able to pull in warm leads. These are people who have set out to find you, connect with you, and want to know more about your business and what you have to offer. With an increase in visibility, you will become thought of as an expert in your industry. Anyone looking for the solution that you have to offer, will come looking for you. They’ll be ready to be led to conversion by your salespeople. 

Lighten the load of your sales team

Your sales team is with you for the long haul. They know that when you succeed, they succeed, and vice versa. That’s why you don’t want to overwork them and cause burnout. You want your salespeople to be ready to do what they do best; make sales. Let our independent salespeople help you out by taking on the foundational, lead generating work. Your business, your success, and your salespeople, will thank you.