By Forager Admin 10:18 PM  |  13.04.20

Six ways to benefit from Online Events

Events are crowd-pleasers, people love to participate in them for multiple reasons. Being active in a worthy cause, joining others to celebrate, learning new information, networking, and in some cases, making a social statement are all things that attract people to an event. 

Whatever the reason. The bottom line is that your business can benefit from you holding such an event. For the best results? Take advantage of digital technology and using it to promote and ultimately connect your attendees with one another. Harnessing the power of event technology can not only benefit your attendees but you as well. 

But first, why make things digital? Aside from the obvious current reason: 

It makes registration easier.
Automate the grunt work and don’t add it to your to-do list. Things such as information, paperwork, and reservations can all be taken care of digitally, freeing up your time and saving you money. 

Levels the playing field.
With the use of technology, you can narrow the gap between yourself and big corporations. Through the use of touchscreens, you can deliver your message and open the door to endless possibilities. You don’t have to worry about having the right size platform or space to send your content out to others. 

It makes tracking data easier.
The best part? The more that is done digitally the more opportunities you have to gather and track data for you to later analyze and apply to your business. 

How your business benefits from an online event?

Strengthen your brand.
An event lets you talk about your brand and promote it in a subtle way. Any event hosted by you gives you the opportunity to promote your brand. 
Build your mailing list. As you promote your event, and sign up attendees, you have the ability to gather contact information for future leads. Events are a great way to build awarness. 

Attract guest speakers and sponsors.
An event draws new faces. Many companies and businesses love to sponsor events, so don’t be shy about reaching out to other business owners. You may also find other speakers that are interested in speaking at your event as well.

Drive traffic.
By including relevant SEO links you can gain more site traffic as your event is searched for. Also, a great way to push traffic is to give a very short preview, with a “Click to read more” option that takes interested parties to your website. That gives you the chance to show a more accurate overview of your brand, message, and tone.

Increase sales.
Yes, there’s no harm in putting in a shameless plug for your business. Especially it the event is centered around a product or service that you provide. Is the topic on internet security? Do you provide computer virus protection services? There’s no harm in mentioning your business on the list of provided software services.

Increase your social network.
Lastly, one of the best perks of holding an event is the benefits of connecting socially. That’s right. Meeting new people, promoting your brand, interaction with other businesses, and more. There are endless opportunities to connect with and widen your social network. Oh, and let’s not forget the promotion on social media and the new leads via those platforms.  

Any event is fun, but an online event has several benefits that physical events don’t have. Namely, the ability to better track data, an easier way to reach out to your audience, more cost-effective (doesn’t require space, papers, brochures, or other such physical advertising products) since most of the process can be automated. 
If you are planning an event consider taking it digital with