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Forage is a marketplace where companies generate leads by hiring freelancers to attend events on their behalf.

Forage keeps an up-to-date Events Page with events in major cities throughout the US. Companies can find events they think will have potential customers or clients, and Foragers can find events that interest them. Forage connects companies with Foragers in a comprehensive platform.

Foragers charge a one-time attendance fee per event, which is held in escrow. In addition, companies pay an agreed upon fee for every lead generated as well as a fee for every lead that converts into a sales opportunity.

After each event, a Forager shares their leads with the company. The company reviews the leads and approves of those they want to be introduced to, then the Forager introduces the approved leads to the company over email. The leads that reply, express interest and schedule a call or meeting with the company are considered opportunities.

Forage charges a 10% fee from both Foragers and Companies. For example, if a Forager earns $250 from an event, the Company will pay $275 (10% fee) and the Forager will take home $225 (10% fee).

Foragers have the flexibility to make more or less money depending on how many events they attend and how much the companies are willing to pay. For example, if a Forager earns $100 to attend an event, $10 per lead, and $25 per opportunity, and attends 2 events per week and generates 6 leads per event which convert to 3 opportunities, the Forager would earn $1,692 per month (after Forage’s 10% fee). Not bad for a side hustle!

No, but can be a Forager whenever and wherever you want. You choose your schedule and which events you want to attend. If you make more than $600 per year as a Forager, you will be taxed as an independent contractor.